Suggestions to Make Your Business Stand Out at Your Next Trade show

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Suggestions to Make Your Business Stand Out at Your Next Trade show

In the past we have highlighted aspects of trade shows including trade show print material preparation, as well as trade show success, now we want to address some of the ways in which your business can stand out at a trade show. Utilizing some of these tricks below will help to ensure that your return on investment is maximized at every trade show.

Marketing Strategy Tips for Success at Your Next Trade show

Trade shows remain one of the top business-to-business opportunities for companies to highlight their latest services or products while at the same time networking with prospective partners, clients and companies. In 2017, trade shows generated more than 13.2 billion dollars in the United States alone! With so much at stake and so many businesses attending trade shows, it is essential that you head to a trade show with your company’s best foot forward. Customized exhibition space creates the perfect opportunity to showcase your message while marrying it with bold, attention-grabbing graphics and design. Here are several ways to ensure that your company truly sets itself apart from the others:

Know your Goals and Objectives for the Trade show—What does your participation in this trade show mean for your business? What do you want to accomplish? Knowing these goals can set yourself up for intentional decision making which will lead to highlighting the exact portion of your brand. Think about how you will quantify your trade show experience, will it be sales, leads, new partners or recruiting employees? Once you have your goals down for the trade show, then you know you will spend your time well preparing for the trade show day.

Know the Attending Audience of the Trade show—Where is your trade show located? Why are people attending the trade show? 69 percent of trade show attendees are looking for new products to test, while 66 percent are looking to increase professional knowledge. The average amount of time that people spend viewing exhibits is almost eight and a half hours. With these statistics in mind, it is helpful to be ready to educate those who stop by your booth. Make sure that your backdrop, brochures, product data sheets or flyers engage your audience. Most trade shows are not open to the public, therefore knowing who to expect will help you write the content for your printed marketing materials.

Be Bold with Your Marketing Materials at the Trade show— Is your logo getting the attention it deserves on the design of your backdrop, table cloth or printed materials? Logos are one of the easiest ways that people associate your product or service to your company. Make sure your logo takes center stage and that the printed marketing materials tell your message. Bold design says a lot with very little and does not have to be flashy or gaudy to gain attention. Consider iconic images of businesses that you are familiar with when planning your personal message as inspiration points for your own design.

Print with Your East Tennessee Commercial Printer

At Acme Printing, we pride ourselves on taking your trade show layout from beginning to end. We work with you in all areas, including graphic design down to the smallest detail of printing customized labels for your products, we consider no project to small or too big. Reach out today by calling 855-581-8528 or emailing us at [email protected].

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