Author: Fred Hess

From entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses are constantly looking for new and innovative ideas that will drive brand loyalty and increase customer retention. While countless companies spend an untold number of hours concocting complex marketing plans utilizing predictive analysis, gross impression volumes, and social consumption volume, the best marketing plans are often the simplest. Direct mail fits that mold as one of the easiest ways to drive brand loyalty through the mailbox, if done correctly. Not only is a direct mail marketing campaign relatively painless to put together, it also shines above other types of marketing and here's why:

It seems like no matter where you turn, there are marketing companies declaring how easy it is to create a direct marketing campaign. But what if this is your first personalized direct marketing campaign? There are several important decisions to be made and a number of services you could employ to help you create your first personalized direct marketing campaign successfully. This post is intended to help you navigate the sometimes-frustrating world of direct marketing campaigns so that your first doesn't completely turn you off using this highly converting form of marketing.

Having a Commercial printer produce high-quality offset or digital print publications can offer your organization printing capabilities you can't perform at the office. Additional, using commercial printers are the most economical way to produce a large number of copies. Given this, many business owners and marketing departments that are new to the process wonder how they can speed up future printing projects when working on a tight deadline.

At Acme Printing we live by the philosophy that “Print is ALIVE!”  Print is a value-added service that helps businesses gain new customers, increase revenue, and drive desired actions from consumers.  Our goal is to help customers bridge the gap between online and traditional print...